to be a christian

something to think about:: “Christian is a great noun and a poor adjective. … When you meet a plumber, do you ask her if she is a Christian plumber? … My understanding is… Continue reading

unto us

It’s been “Christmas time” for over a month, at least according to what I’ve been hearing on the radio. It seems like places put up Christmas decorations earlier with every passing year.  The… Continue reading

times square ramble

The ultimate melting pot of the universe. The crossroads of the world. Here, the beautiful collision of cultures, races, ages, generations, ideas, beliefs and religions masked and shadowed by naked cowboys and trite… Continue reading


The past 72 hours or so have been some of the most silent and stressful hours of this year.  I’ve been on standby to go back to North Carolina for a temporary hurricane… Continue reading

everything is different

Today at church we did the Paschal greeting.  Pastor Mike greeted his new congregation with a “Christ is Risen,” and we responded with a lively “Christ is Risen, indeed!”  It’s pretty much head knowledge… Continue reading

moment #6: wheels

beneath the boundless stars so bright, we glide. effortlessly adrift—on these wheels, we own this night. no distractions, no cars, no noise, just the sound of our laughter that rings perfect harmony to our… Continue reading