I’ve drifted away from this for too long.  I don’t even know where to begin.  So much to express, and a lot of times words just aren’t enough, no?  I may be a… Continue reading


A friend of mine told me about a pastor who, when talking about the Great Commission, said something along the lines of  “God never said he would provide us with safety…”  I’ve heard… Continue reading

Thailand – OUR STORY

Part 1: Part 2:  an excerpt from the last entry of my journal in Thailand… … But all this so called “warfare” doesn’t discount the sovereignty of God.  His faithfulness knows no end,… Continue reading


I guess it’s about time to bring some closure to this “training” phase. 1. It’s been a long and windy 2 months.   A lot of prep, a lot of doing, all the while… Continue reading


*from the 4th Year Banquet a. la. 4/29/11, inspired by p. justin 21 Life Lessons from College. 1. Jesus loves you.  This is the only constant in our lives. 2. God is faithful,… Continue reading


2 of the most distinct moments of my life involved playing in the rain. The first one was during a retreat in the summer of my sophomore year of high school.  All of… Continue reading