times square ramble

The ultimate melting pot of the universe. The crossroads of the world. Here, the beautiful collision of cultures, races, ages, generations, ideas, beliefs and religions masked and shadowed by naked cowboys and trite tourists taking pictures. Here, humanity.

Something tells me that I may be standing in the middle of one of the most populated places on earth. As I am overwhelmed I take a seat.  I sit. As a mere pixel in a sea of colors.  I am nobody.

It is in this moment that I find myself awakening. Coming alive in a way. To a calling. No. Rediscovering my calling. What is my purpose? What is life? What is love? Such questions are daunting to my tired soul but I realize they weren’t meant to be simply contemplated upon. Such questions cannot be answered with mere words but must be put to the test with a life. A life that is aware of its brevity, yet fully understanding of its powerful potential and purpose. A life that is actively engaged to forward motion in all seasons and in all conflicts.

It’s easy to complain about all the uncertainty but what’s for certain is now. I am here. I am here and I am not alone. I am the vessel, the usher, the channel, the messenger of The Kingdom. A Kingdom unshakable. A Kingdom irrefutable. The Kingdom of God. At Hand. Every second I live is another moment to dance in harmony with this movement, this ongoing cadence that is active and entirely relevant, right here, right now.

What are you doing? Are you standing idle to what is inevitable? Are you neglecting your gift? He is relentless in pursuit, matchless in grace and mighty to save. Don’t ever forget that. Don’t. Ever. He’s so worth it. The one who has called you is faithful. And he will do it.