post resurrection

Just had one of the most blessing Easter weekends of my life. Had a chance to spend some time reflecting as I was driving up to Nova. Usually when we talk about Resurrection… Continue reading

Study Declaration

*Got this from my dear friend josh cho *Back into study mode for the next month or so.  I could go on and on whining about my workload or how I’m so screwed… Continue reading


It just started snowing… and it’s one week away from April.   Can you believe that?  Seems like.. no wait, it was just last weekend when I was down in Virginia Beach in… Continue reading

Hana: David

Huge downpour today. All day.  Instead of going out to the streets like Tuesday, we went to the local mall to hand out the lunches.  It seemed to be a great idea, where… Continue reading

Hana: Waterfall

Paterson, NJ was founded by Alexander Hamilton and it flourished as a frontrunner of silk manufacturing in the industrial age.  There’s a lot of seemingly abandoned-looking factory buildings here (reminds you of the… Continue reading

Hana: Beginnings

Long time no blog! For those of you who didn’t know, I’m currently leading a short spring break service trip with Hana Missions until Saturday morning.  It’s only been about two full days… Continue reading