David: did you ever notice that the sky is all the way to the ground? Andy: wait. Hold on. What? David: we’re walking around in it. We’re in the sky. There is sky… Continue reading


i love david crowder… he looks all goofy and stuff but he’s just so unique and so creative in the things that he does… go read his book Praise Habit… you’ll have some… Continue reading

kendrick perkins once again…

so i was feeling pretty tired and i went to bed pretty early around 11pm… but my sleeping schedule has been so wack lately that my body thought it was a nap… so… Continue reading

guys i don’t like in the NBA

you all know by now that i am not a big fan of lebron james, but who else am i not a big fan of? let’s start off with an easy one… 1.… Continue reading

FDF… grace and discipline…

this past wednesday GCF kicked off this thing called FDF… it stands for Fully Devoted Followers, and basically what we’re doing is basically a 40 day discipleship training program, through accountability… to be… Continue reading

thoughts on MLK day… first post on sports…

I love MLK day… martin luther king is honestly one of my favorite guys in american history.   back in high school when i was studying for the SATs and I was writing all… Continue reading