moment #5: thai

**This post is part 5 of 7 in counting down my most memorable moments of 2011 in no particular order…  Read here if you haven’t

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 an excerpt from the last entry of my journal in Thailand…

… But all this so called “warfare” doesn’t discount the sovereignty of God.  His faithfulness knows no end, His power unrivalled in all of creation.  I remembered in the midst of everything,  that the battle had already been won when Jesus rose from the dead, defeating sin, our fear, and death.  He answered all of our prayers throughout the trip.  “All I have needed thy hand hath provided.”  Even when everything seems to be falling apart, nothing going right in our eyes, God still holds everything together.  His will and purpose stand true.

God can work miracles in an instant.  In a moment He can turn lives around whenever He chooses to raise His voice.  Seeing the people come to Christ this trip made everything worth it.  That’s what it’s all about, right?   I can’t imagine the magnitude of the celebration going on in heaven when the girl upstairs came to Christ.  When those students raised their hands for Jesus.  We can love all we want, but it is Christ who changes lives.  Good thing the Spirit knows no language barrier.  LOVE has no language.

In the end, everything comes back to the life and death and resurrection of Christ.  Everything about Him just screams out life and freedom in a dying world.  Out of love, He fought for our lives on the cross, and He’s still fighting for those lost.  Every single one of His children.  To me, that is amazing.  The thought that He is relentlessly after our hearts.  After all our mistakes, sins, wrongs, failures, apathy, fears, shortcomings, and circumstances, the only response He ever has towards us is unconditional, agape, LOVE.