I’ve drifted away from this for too long.  I don’t even know where to begin.  So much to express, and a lot of times words just aren’t enough, no?  I may be a month late into this but I need to do this before I go anywhere with writing. So here goes.

A review of 2011.

Perhaps the most eventful, stretching, and trying year of my life.

Each year has its own distinct feel to it, but I can’t seem to get a good grip on this one.   If 2007 for me was a year of breaking down, and 2008 was a year of building up, then I’m not really sure what 2011 was all about.

Convictions.  Setbacks.  Heartaches.  Success.  Blessings.  Accomplishments.  Wandering.  Joy.  Loneliness.  Searching.  Running.  Away.  To.  Disbelief.  Community.  Solitude.  Disappointment.  Wonders.

How do you sum up life in a few words?  

I tweeted this emo/inquisitive tweet the other day and surprisingly got a number of responses… Forget who it was but someone responded with a “@joemelohan IT GOES ON” and those three simple words have been stuck in my head for a while.  It makes so much sense.  It’s just like how John Mayer described it; I find myself in a train, and it’s going just one direction: forward.  And this train… this stubborn, steadfast and selfish train just keeps on moving regardless of how I feel or what the circumstances are…

Kind of cruel, kind of cool,

Yet in this constant forward motion I find a cycle.

a cadence.  a rhythm.

From the steady, simple heartbeat inside our chest to an idea as complex as reaping and sowing, there is a beat to this life.

As unpredictable as tomorrow’s weather may be, we know for certain that it’s colder in December than it is in June.  Seasons.  Everybody has birthdays, students go back to school on new semesters, there’s always spring after winter, but there’s something that’s very special about a new calendar year.

The change of a calendar year is universal.  It’s humanity accepting defeat to Father Time and stepping in towards the unknown, whatever the next year, beat, or season has to offer.

What’s past is past.  Maybe this was the best year of your life, or you’ve gotten so used to writing 2011 on your papers or the trials and tides of life brought you to your knees, January 1st means there’s a fresh start.  He who put the stars in their place is making all things new as He continues to spin us around on this tiny rock called Earth.

How do you sum up life a year in a few words?

Words don’t ever seem to do justice don’t they? But I can recount memories.  Moments.

That moment when you realize you’ll remember this exact time and space for the rest of your life.  Call it a “defining moment,” I guess.

How do you sum up life a year in a few words moments?

That’s what I’ll do, I guess.  Re-situate myself in the 7 most memorable “moments” of this past year.  I will write about where I was, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I will tell a story.

Stay tuned.