I guess it’s about time to bring some closure to this “training” phase.

1. It’s been a long and windy 2 months.   A lot of prep, a lot of doing, all the while fighting through constant distractions of the looming, uncertain and imminent future…  So many things left unresolved, so much up in the air, but I feel like this is where God wants my heart the most.  I can hear His still small voice call out to me: “Can you just simply trust me…”

So that’s where I’m at right now.  A year older, no longer a college student, and life has brought its ups and downs but His calling remains the same: “love me and love my people…”

I want to see lives changed and the broken hearted dance.
I want to see the darkness tremble, and mountains move.
I just want to see people come find hope in the love of the father.
To see that there IS love.
more powerful than anything in this world.

2. God the provider.  I sent out an overdue support email less than a week ago, with about more than half of my funds to raise. God has blown me away with not only the amount of financial support I’ve received, but also the amount of care and interest that my friends have shown towards missions.  I’ve never been more encouraged to go on a trip than now.   Jesus leads the way and I have His body fully supporting me.   I am not going alone.

3. Saved by Grace, Compelled by Love.  Taken straight from Ephesians 2 and 2 Corinthians 5.  It’s just a small motto I’ve come up for myself for this trip.  I feel like those two things are essential as I go to Thailand to do his kingdom work.  “Saved by grace” reminds me of where I’ve been.  It is my foundation.  “Compelled by love” reminds me that it is the love of Christ that drives us, pushes us to love on His people. I am in no way capable nor equipped.  But the pure, unadulterated, unfailing love of Christ compels me to do things I wouldn’t do otherwise.  This trip is meaningless if we can’t love on His people.  And the only way we can love is through Christ.  His love is our fuel.  And the good news is that it never depletes.

It’s about 4:40am right now.  In about 3 hours I will have to wake up, and in less than 9 hours I will be on some korean airplane bound for Thailand.  The body is tired but my soul is awake.  Please pray for us.  If you’re reading this now, yes, pray for us.

I will be back with stories.