*from the 4th Year Banquet a. la. 4/29/11, inspired by p. justin

21 Life Lessons from College.

1. Jesus loves you.  This is the only constant in our lives.

2. God is faithful, even when we are not faithful.

3. Pray in the mornings.

4. Pray with your friends outside of retreats, large groups or even prayer meetings.

5. Go to small group.

6. Keep a journal.  Not a blog.  But a journal where you can be completely honest with yourself.

7. Be a good story teller.  God is writing amazing stories in our lives.  Our job is to tell them well.

8. There are several things I found more important than grades, interviews, jobs, sports or the girl you like: God.  Family.  Friends.  Community.  Your health.

9. There will be victories and blessings.  But they do not change our need for God.

10. There will be failures and circumstances will rise.  But they do not change the character of God.

11. Be honest.  With God, with others, and with yourself.  Genuine relationships are only birthed out of honesty.

12. Laugh out loud.  Cry even louder if you have to.

13. Serve at GCF (or whatever fellowship/church you are part of).

14. Play a sport for GCF.

15. Go on a Spring break service trip (or any missions trip).  I believe the greatest way to bond with others is through service.

16. Stargaze.  Often.  Take your eyes off this world once in a while.

17.  Seek out mentors.  Seek out disciples.  Receive, and Give.

18. But remember, you can’t out-give God.

19.  Buy flowers for your mom when you go home.  It doesn’t have to be for an occasion.  It doesn’t matter what kind.  Trust me, she’ll love it.

20. Live boldly.  Not to be a sap, but these are 4 years you will never get back.  Go out and LIVE. Don’t be afraid to engage uncertainties.  Be bold.  There’s always grace when you fall.  If we always play it safe and never fall, how are we ever going to experience grace?

21. Last but not least, keep in touch with your senior class, whom I know you guys so dearly love.



to the body of GCF…  It is through these unforgettable 3 years at this school where I have learned the value of genuine fellowship and an honest community that Christ calls us to live in.

to friendships… that we will keep for an eternity!

to the God who knows what he is doing.

Closing thought.

The thing I love most about college fellowships is that there’s a constant stream of people entering and leaving.  To me, it shows that this fellowship is not about a person, a president, or a class or even the body itself.  It has been and will always be about the one who is making everything happen through his creative and active work in all of us.

here’s to the only name that was uttered before time…. the only name that will stand at the end while all other names bow… JESUS