post resurrection

Just had one of the most blessing Easter weekends of my life.

Had a chance to spend some time reflecting as I was driving up to Nova.

Usually when we talk about Resurrection Sunday we talk about how Jesus is alive and how through His resurrection, we are lifted out of our graves of sin…

But this year I spent some time meditating on Jesus’ interactions with his disciples after the resurrection.

One thing I found astounding was that these disciples, who had spent 3 years living with Jesus, failed to recognize Him!  (actually a common theme throughout the gospels)


the disciples were blinded by their circumstances.  Whether it was fear or grief or whatever they tried to occupy themselves with, they failed to see the glory of the risen son, who happened to be walking right along with them!

But here’s the catch:  Just like Christmas, or just like when He first called the disciples, or just like when He walked on water… it is Jesus who initiates this relationship.

In our relationship with God, Jesus is the bridegroom.  We can try all we want to seek Him, but He is the one who his constantly and furiously pursuing after us.

and that is some good news.

May we have the eyes to see the relentless love of Jesus in the midst of our chaos

May we receive the victory of His resurrection and know that our circumstances do not change the character of God.

May our lives be a reflection and a joyous celebration of the GLORY of the risen son!!!