Study Declaration

*Got this from my dear friend josh cho

*Back into study mode for the next month or so.  I could go on and on whining about my workload or how I’m so screwed in certain classes, but I’ve decided to bite my tongue after reading this.   It really put into perspective how my identity in Christ supersedes my work.  and I hope it does for you too.

Lord I give you all the glory and the praise for you are worthy oh God.

You God, have taken me and my life in you hands and have loved me with an everlasting, unconditional, matchless, faithful, healing, deep love.

Holy Spirit I submit my academics and everything else to you. You take control Lord and be my teacher.

Every note, study guide, paper, bit of text is given up to you knowing that it is nothingness compared to you and these are merely instruments that you use to get me to know you more.

I confidently expect for you to show me and teach me everything that I need to know.

You have poured out a spirit of wisdom on me and I openly receive your wisdom. In fact, I want more.

Holy Spirit flow out of me, pour out onto my textbooks and my computer. Totally infiltrate, usurp, and eclipse everything God making it possible for me to rest in peace while I do the work that is in front of me.

I will not operate out of fear.

I will not worry about the outcome of my situation but will instead enjoy being with my Lord in this present moment.

I will operate out of who I am in Christ! Lord, you have given me everything I need.

I am a deep well overflowing with goodness, peace, wisdom, mercy, understanding, grace, and confidence in my Lord and King Jesus Christ.

Nothing can stand up against me!

God, my thoughts, actions, emotions, and will are aligned with you.

I am not a body, I am not a mind or a restless sea of emotions.

I am a spirit, a son (daughter) of the King and the Most High God.

I am endowed with a spirit of power and love.

I have a sound mind.

God you have renewed my mind. You have given me a new heart. You have poured out a new spirt over my life.

God you have already provided every single thing that I need.

If you are faithful to make sure that the sparrows have everything that they need, how much more will you provide for me!

Holy Spirit, you will reveal your way to me, for no good thing will the Lord withhold from those who love him.

I am more than an conqueror in Christ Jesus! Overwhelming victory is mine! In my studies, I am overflowing with everything I need. Anxiety has no place in my heart because Christ’s love continually rises up within me, drowning out anything that would keep me from abiding in perfect peace. I abide in Christ and Christ abides in me. Today I will experience God’s tangible love and it will trump everything else around me. Hallelujah! For the victory is mine, right now!

I am yours God and you are mine. I dwell with you now and will dwell with you forever.

You are good, mighty, powerful, and so awesome God!

I have everything I need in your name! Amen!

To God be the glory! God, truly be glorified in my tests and papers and projects! I will do excellently on all of my final papers and tests! [God’s definition of “excellent”] I am triumphant over everything! Nothing good will be held back from me and I will come out of each test/paper completely victorious. I already do have overwhelming victory because of what Jesus Christ has done for me.  In the name of Jesus I claim these things knowing that it is done! Amen!