It just started snowing… and it’s one week away from April.   Can you believe that?  Seems like.. no wait, it was just last weekend when I was down in Virginia Beach in 70 degree weather but now?  32 degrees with the snow blowing.

I’ve heard mixed responses as this unexpected snow seemed to be the topic of conversation of the weekend.  Some love it and some can’t believe it, and I strongly believe there will be thousands of high school kids checking the emergency announcements on Sunday night.  Hate it or love it, there’s something about snow that brings out the child in all of us.

Maybe I’m over thinking this too much, but I’m seeing this snow as a reminder.  I’m reminded of December and January and those long cold days where it seemed like winter was never going to end.

It was almost too easy, Spring came at me with velocity, I tossed my northface and my sweats into the corner of my closet, and I even pulled out my flipflops.  Almost as if I turned the chapter of a book and forgotten about the page before.

As I look outside the window behind me, I’m told to remember the winter.  To remember where I’ve been.  To remember what it was like to step out to warm weather for the first time.

Note to self:
“Joe, the danger in life is that you’re going to forget what it was like to feel liberation.  Success may be down the road and you’re going to be spoiled.  The key is to not let the present blind you of your past.  REMEMBER.  How you were such a sinner, lonely and cold, unable to love and far from any kind of goodness.  Don’t forget that it was in this broken state that you were met with the unfair grace of God.”

Maybe that’s the reason for the seasons.  Without the winter we would forget what it was like before the warmth.  Without summer we’d have nothing to hope for during the cold.  Remember. and Hope.

There’s a divine rhythm to this life that calls us to remember. There will always be cherry blossoms.  There will always be a summer after winter.  The sun will always rise again.  And all this rhythm does is point towards God’s faithfulness.  Our job is simply to experience grace, ever captured in this rhythm of remembrance.