I promise I’ll write more interesting things here in this blog, but I’ll use this one to write a quick update on what’s been going on in my life.  So HEAR ME OUT.

I still can’t believe I’m back at school. It’s been a long and productive break.  Winter break has been perhaps the most convicting, challenging and life changing break I’ve ever had in my life.  Whether it was retreats or Passion or intimate times of worship or just simply hanging out with my friends and family, His voice has never been so clear in my life. I’ll write more about my convictions later but I want to use this entry to focus more on the new semester.

It’s just starting to kick in that this will be my last semester here at UVA. It’s like extremely sobering and exciting at the same time.  Everything I do will be the last time I do anything here in Charlottesville.   At first I was sad that I would be leaving this place in a matter of months.   But my sadness quickly turned into excitement because this is my opportunity to really make the most of everything here in my last semester.  It’s like another chance at doing things right; letting God do the work.

I feel like there’s so much potential that I’ve yet to tap into here at UVA.  So many chances and opportunities that I’ve let slip by.  So many relationships that grew stagnant.  So many prayers that I didn’t even bother lifting up.  All because of my selfishness.  Apathy.  Laziness.  So pathetic, no?

Throughout break, I kept hearing from my friends this question:
What is your legacy going to be?

I didn’t really have an answer for it at first… but the more I thought about the question, the more I realized how selfish that question was.  Who am I? to try to build up my own kingdom here at school?  Who am I?  To try to put my name before the name of Jesus?  Who am I? To prioritize my own agenda over God’s?

What’s the point of building a legacy when nobody at school will remember who you are when you come back in 3 years?  Whether it was intentional or unintentional, everything that I had built up here- my name, my reputation, and my so called  “legacy”…   I realized it’s all fading, it’s all passing.

So what is my legacy going to be? If I were to give myself one goal, one purpose for my final semester here at UVA, it would be to make the name of Jesus famous in my life. To make His name famous in the circle of people around me.  His name is the only thing that will remain constant 5 years from now, 10 years from now, even 50 years from now.  I guess in a way, it’s like living out Matthew 6:19 like right now in the present.

I want to see my friends fall in love with Jesus Christ…
I want to my bible study kids to grow to treasure and embrace the Word…
I want to see my fellowship play a key role in the revival at our school…
I want to see Jesus’ name be lifted up in worship at Scott Stadium…

Now, that’s REAL legacy if you know what I mean.  Maybe I’ll get some decent grades along the way, maybe I’ll win some basketball tournaments here and there… but If I can use my life to really tell everyone around me that Jesus is King… If I can somehow bring even just 1 person to Christ…  oh man… maybe one day down the road all those things I listed above will happen.

That’s about it I guess.  Maybe it was too intense of an update considering I haven’t written in a while, but oh well.

I am excited for this semester.  No classes Monday and Wednesday.  I have all the time I need, I just need to get out of my chair and ACT.

’til next time!

... my leg, i see...