Finally.  Finished with the worst.

These past two weeks I’ve been so consumed by work, exams and deadlines that I’ve slowly lost myself in the process. I’ve tried to find my outs through various different means but they’ve just left me feeling even more tired, more empty and more broken.  I lost my sleep schedule (i guess i didn’t really have one to begin with, but still), lost my meal habits and energy.  Spent more time with myself.  Missed a lot of phone calls. Rarely picked up the Bible.

And this time it wasn’t the case of depression. I was just overwhelmed.  Any rhythm that I had in my life, basically went out the window.

These next couple of days/winter break I’m going to dedicate towards re-humanizing myself.  Discover and practice some sort of cadence in my life, and to really establish my foundation from the only thing that can save me from myself.

I’m currently in NC as I’m writing this.
I have 10 days between now and my last exam so I’m out on vacation with my parents.  Except mom couldn’t make it because something horrible happened to her friend.  I’m kinda bummed because this was supposed to be our first vacation together in a very, very long time.  But then again, spending this much time with dad’s a great opportunity and something that I’ve been pushing off for a very, very long time as well.

It also made me remember once again to keep praying for the old man.  I guess he’s still sort of seeking.  I know God can and will open his eyes to His love, it’s just a matter of when.

Dad and I spent about 6 hours in the car today but we didn’t talk much about anything except for economics which literally put me to sleep.  You should have seen the way our conversation looked.  Dad literally looking like the Francis Chan of economics while I was looking like Mark Jeon dozing off in sermons.
But later he brought up sports and kept asking me about John Wall and how the wizards are still so bad, in an attempt to have a conversation with me.   I quickly woke up from my coma and got animated like a middle school kids in front of silly bands and Justin Bieber.  We even ended up making fun of Albert Haynesworth and how worthless he is.  We are making progress.

When it got late and we checked into a hotel at at the border of NC and SC.  Dad was tired and just wanted to eat and sleep.  We ended up hitting up  NC’s famous Cookout Restaurant, which I remember having when I was visiting Josh at Duke.  Burgers were great, shake was even more amazing.  Go try one if you’re ever around here.  Basically a poor man’s Shake Shack.

Dad passed out about half an hour ago after watching some Korean shows.  I’m writing this while taking glances at Sportscenter… which happens to be talking about Urban Meyer and how he’s resigning from one of the most coveted positions in all of sports because he vowed to spend more time and wanted to be there for his wife and children.

Oh, the irony…

I’m excited for the next couple days con mi padre.  I’m not gonna lie, it’s a little weird to be going on a vacation alone with my dad.  Who does that these days anyways?  Things like this happen for a reason though.   Hopefully I’ll be able to make the most out of the trip.
Going down to Miami tomorrow, then Bahama bound on Friday.  Time to pull out the shorts, enjoy the warm weather, catch some sun and stuff

So there you have it.  Good luck with exams everyone.

oh the irony