Sabbath Reloaded

Man, this past week has been a BLUR…

This week just reminded me of how much I abhor exam week.  I hate to whine, but I had 3 papers, and 3 tests, and 36 miles to run all in a span of a week.  I don’t think I’ve ever had that much workload put on me in that short of a time in my life.  There’s really something about working for deadlines about things that you don’t care much about.   I found myself consumed, and trapped by the amount of work that I had to get done… and it wasn’t very pleasant at all.

Maybe it was my heart that wasn’t focused on God, or maybe there was just too much damn work, or maybe it was my horrible work habits that led me to these circumstances, but either way I started to lose track of my life….

I lost track of time and day… My sleep schedule went totally out of whack… and worst of all, I found myself disengaging myself from others. Instead of seeking solace in God or in community, I sheltered myself off to me and my work.  I just had to get things done.  This may sound ridiculous but it wasn’t soon before long that I started to crave rest… God’s rest.

When midnight struck on Saturday night I couldn’t have been any happier. I still had two more papers and an exam to go, but I dropped my pen and turned on the TV.  I guess in a way, forcing yourself not to work is the best way to rest.

Sabbath. The day of rest.  The day we find ourselves in God’s arms, as he whispers in our ears that we are far more valuable than our productivity or our output.

There’s a reason why I’m writing about Sabbath for a second time on my blog.

Even though I’ve been trying out this Sabbath thing for quite a while now, I’m still realizing what it all really means. I’m realizing that Sabbath is not so much a habit of forcing yourself to not do any work on Sunday, but it is more about a lifestyle. There’s more to Sabbath than not doing homework on Sundays. It’s about living out a lifestyle of dependency in the 6 other days.   If I’m gonna be very meticulous about my work habits on Sunday and forget about God during the week, I’m no different than the Pharisees who mindlessly followed the law without bearing any fruit!

But anyways.  I’m just glad that this is all over.

more updates to come!