Running update: injuries, injuries

I guess it’s about time I update on my marathon training status.

Training’s been up and down like a roller coaster.

Running went really smoothly from week 1 to week 7, only missing a couple days while I was in Peru.
Week 8 and week 9 I was sidelined because of a Quadricep Contusion which basically crippled me for two and a half weeks.  I’m still recovering from the injury, but I’ve been running consistently since week 10 despite all the pain.

It really sucks right now though, I can jog around but I can’t sprint or jump or do any kind of explosive activity.  I can’t wait until I can finally just run and jump around freely as I wish.

Here are some details on the injuries I’ve been dealing with in the past 2 months or so.

1. Quadriceps Tendonitis aka jumper’s knee

Usually the common form of this is the Patellar tendonitis, but I’ve been bothered with the the quadriceps one.  Basically there are two tendons that connect your kneecap to your thigh and shin.  The quadriceps tendon is on top, and the patellar tendon is below the kneecap.   The tendons flex and relax as you bend your leg in and out.  Overuse and stress can cause micro-tears in the tendons, which leads to weeks of inflammation and pain.  If not treated carefully, or in a worst case scenario, a tendon rupture can occur.

How did i get it? Playing too much basketball, not warming up enough or cooling down afterwards.  Weak muscles around the knee.

Out for how many weeks? I was never really out, but the sharp pains nagged on for a long time (~2 months).  The pain was severe to the point where I couldn’t bend my knees without cringing.

Treatment? Took a break from basketball, stretched more, never did any type of exercise without warm up, strengthened my quad.   Oh, and this amazing knee brace from McDavid: here

2. Flat Feet

I’ve explained this many many many times, but you can read more about my flat feet HERE.

3. Sprained MCL

The MCL or the medial collateral ligament is one of the 4 ligaments in your knee, and it runs down the inside of your knee.  A sprained MCL is basically an excessive stretching or a tear in the ligament.

Symptoms: Pain, swelling in the knee, unable to bear weight, weakness and tenderness.

How did I get it? Went up for a layup while I was playing basketball, and some dude’s knee rammed into the inside of my knee when I came down to the ground.

Out? a good 3 weeks.

Treatment? I did a bad job of treating it, but I did my best to rest and ice.  Taking ibuprofen helped with the swelling, but best way was to rest and stay off of the knee as much as possible for recovery.

hard to see, but heavily bruised

4. Quadricep Contusion

aka a bruised thigh aka a charley horse.  (Did you know that a Charley horse is spelled “charley” not “charlie?”  I never knew that.)

Usually when I get a charley horse, I can stretch and walk it off but this one wouldn’t let me back on my feet.  I could barely walk for 2 weeks, and I couldn’t even stretch it by myself without feeling like it would tear into pieces.  I had no ice available after the injury, so my leg swelled up like a balloon (literally), and in a couple of days my whole thigh turned purple.

How? Some dumb guy rammed his knee into my thigh after I juked him out in flag football.

Out for? a good 3 weeks.  Couldn’t walk for the first two, and I’m still trying to recover.

Treatment? Ice and Ibuprofen all day.

5. Quadricep Strain

Basically the huge thigh bruise I had turned into a partial tear in my quad that I’m currently nursing.  I can’t sprint or do any kind of stop and go/ explosive exercise and it’s quite painful to touch.

There is a decently sized lump in the middle of my thigh, which means that there is a tear of some sort.

It’s still very painful to stretch, and very tender to touch.

Out for? I haven’t been able to seriously do any intense activity for the past 3 weeks.

Treatment? only way to get this leg better now is through rest.


that’s about it for my injuries.

I’m running a modified version of Hal Higdon’s marathon training program.  I missed today’s 12 mile run because of my thigh, but I’m hoping by Monday it will be a little better so I can go at it again. There’s a little over 6 weeks until marathon day and I can’t wait.  Sometimes I wish that I can just run the thing now and get it over with, but as it is with life, the progress is more important than the result.

verses memorized: Isaiah 40, Hebrews 12:1-2, psalm 23.  To do: Philippians 1, Psalm 103

currently reading: The Book of Basketball, Confessions of Augustine, Celebration of Discipline

currently listening: Power (Remix ft Jay Z and Swizz Beatz)

good night!