On To The Next One

*picture credit to mike yi

… but before we move on, may we have a moment of silence to reflect on a glorious, glorious summer?


*This entry is mostly going to be in ramble form.

Yesterday I was in one of my classes where I had to introduce myself to everyone.  Right before I said that I’m a “Fourth Year student,” I couldn’t help but pause and smile because it sounded so weird.  And also because it’s finally here. Possibly my last year of school, ever.

It’s kind of crazy thinking that this is my final year.  Before I was counting up, but now I’m counting down the days. This stubborn train that we’re on called life is moving at lightspeed and there’s nothing really we can do about it but enjoy this ride.

“Teach us to number our days, so that we may gain a heart of wisdom “

I’ve been realizing that in life I will always be a student. I am constantly learning.  If I don’t have the mindset of a learner, then there’s no growth.   Every year I learn something new.  Every year has some sort of theme to it.  Last year was about the importance of community, year before that was about trusting God’s will, 3 years ago was about brokenness and redemption.   Even though I can’t see now, by the end of this year I will have learned something amazing.  That excites me.  A lot.

If I have one goal for this year, it’s to be intentional with everything I do.  To live with purpose.  To live like I’m on missions.  To be Christ’s love everywhere I go.  I have talked about this before but this is something that brings me assurance and joy:  God has a plan for me.  In this place.  In this time.  and it is GOOD.

God’s already been giving me opportunities and I am ever grateful.

As sad as I am that summer has ended, I’m also excited for this school year.  There’s a lot to look forward to.

A lot to hope for.  And hope gives us life.
After all, what’s life without anything to look forward to?

So let the good times roll.
Our days are short and numbered but He can bring out the great from the little we have.

and let us not forget that even when the storm clouds gather and everything is breaking down and it seems like there is no hope,
the one who has a plan for us is always in control.