Lima Beans

There were so many things I wanted to do this summer. Get an internship, play basketball everyday, lead a small group at church, golf with my dad 3 times a week, and just hangout with people, lost in those timeless summer nights.   But something inside of me knew there was something more out there for me, and that’s when I decided to jump into missions.  I didn’t know where, maybe Africa, maybe China, but I knew I had to go somewhere.

If you didn’t know by now, I’ll be leaving for Lima, Peru as a co-leader for one of our youth group missions teams.  I know it seems like I kind of just jumped on, but I guess that’s just how I am 90% of the time.  But it is definitely a joy to see how God is working in a foreign country, outside of our small little world that we bubble ourselves in.  I think that’s so crucial about a missions trip, especially if you’re not called to be a missionary; God opening your eyes to more than your small little life.  To see the bigger picture. God wants to restore all creation.

In Peru, pervian chicken will be simply, "pollo"

Not going to lie though, when I found out that I’m going to Peru, the first thing I did was look up what food they eat in Peru. And to my joy, I found out that they specialize in chicken, potatoes, pork, fish and starchy stuff like yuca.  very niceeee.

Being a leader has been a challenge and a blessing at the same time.  I feel like God has definitely taught me so much over the years, and I know that I have a lot to offer as an older brother to the team, but I also know that when I start to lean on my own knowledge is when I fall the hardest. But when God starts to work through my brokenness instead of my goodness and the things I can’t do rather than the things I can do, oh my, watch out because that is when amazing happens my friend.

Through the various times I’ve served the youth group while in college, I’ve realized and I’m still realizing how special each and every student is.  They are so gifted and so beautiful in they’re own ways, it’s kinda crazy.  For some reason my heart goes out to them so much, especially the ones I’ve got to know better on my team.  Out of the 11 students, 9 of them are high school seniors.  It’s crazy because how they spend this summer can have a drastic impact on the way their next four years of their lives will play out.  Imagine how powerful their 4 years in college can be, if they realize that God calls them to pour out love, because He never stops giving and that there is nothing more important than that in life.

I don’t want to go in to Peru with the mindset that I am any better than the natives or anybody that we will encounter, because in front of Jesus we are all children.  I just want to be able to LOVE… out of this waterfall of a love that is constantly being poured on me, every second of my life.  To realize that there is absolutely no reason to hold back, because we have everything we need.

Perhaps the most important yet lacking thought is that Jesus is already doing something… here… and in Peru… and in this world… That God, in his nature is mighty to save, and wants to restore all creation to him.  And that is awesome because that takes so much weight off of our shoulders.  Free.

And finally I want you to be part of this journey that my team and I will be going through.  I know this is such a late notice, but please support us daily through your prayers. Prayer is a sign of our dependence on God, and is singlehandedly the most important aspect of missions.   Also, if you are able to/willing to, please support us financially through your donations. Despite our many fundraisers, we are still about $3000 short with 5 days to go!  Again, because of the short notice, I think the best way to do this is through PAYPAL.  (My account is

Will keep you guys posted.