1.  I’m running the Marine Corps Marathon in DC, on October 31st.  I signed up for it about two months ago, but It was about time I announced it to the world.  (and what better time to do so than the 2 year anniversary of my first marathon!) I’m running with my best friend and a friend.  It’s kind of exciting because this time around it’s not so much about me but I’m doing this for my best friend.  My best friend and I ran the San Diego marathon two years ago, but since then a lot has changed.  I’m really excited to see where everything is gonna be headed.  The 18 week training program is gonna start towards the end of this month.  It’s pretty much going to be the same program I did as last time, but I’m gonna try to do it in a faster pace.  Encouragements are welcome!

2.  Turning 21 in 2 days. Kind of crazy.  Time flies, oh yes it does.  I’ve been trying to find ways of celebrating the day with my friends but it’s been difficult.  I’m actually not a big birthday person…  I mean, I still give gifts to people I love and text message all my friends, but I don’t know.  I feel like celebrating your own birthday for the sake of yourself is very egotistic in a way.  It’s like saying “hey… I’m kind of a big deal… so u better thank me for coming into this world…”  But I feel like a birthday has more significance when it’s celebrated with the important people in your life… The people who’ve been there through your ups and downs, the people who’ve shaped you into the person that you are now.

I was actually always jealous of people who have their birthdays during the school year, how they get surprised by a million people when the clock hits 12:00, how everyone signs one of those huge posterboard cards and how everybody pitches in some money to get a huge gift.  I remember getting borderline pissed one time when someone talked about them like it was nothing and they don’t mean anything…  I can’t even remember off the top of my head the last time I had a birthday gift that I really liked…  But I’m learning to let things pass because I’m realizing that it’s not about the gifts or the surprises but the gratitude that I should have in the fact that someone or some-thing out there put me in this world and gives me breath, life, and everything that I could ever need… and that that is more than enough.

I actually did get surprised at the beach tho.  It was actually someone else’s birthday and I was even one of the people who went to buy the cake for this girl.  But when they brought out the cake/candles they started saying happy birthday to me as well.  My instant reaction was panic. I was on my laptop at the time, and the first thing I did was check my facebook.  Why?  Because I thought it was one of those sick pranks where people change your birthday on your facebook and you get a million notifications because people comment on your wall thinking that it’s your birthday.  But it wasn’t.  Thanks guys, it really meant a lot to me.

3.  John Wall. That is all.

the great wall of

good night everyone