I took my FINAL final exam today. Kinda funny because,  I literally went to this class only four times in the semester.  The first two times was on the first week of school.  The third time I went on a random day because I was bored.  The fourth time was the worst… I remember I was on the bus texting Lucy to save me a seat, who replied by telling me that there’s no class today.  Noice Loife.

I didn’t learn much in that class other than how to say the teacher’s name, but I did learn this thing called the propinquity effect.  It was on the test this morning and it’s something about the tendency to be attracted to people and form bonds with them if you just keep seeing them around often enough.  I was thinking about it and I was trying to see if it made sense to my life.  I guess in a way it makes a lot of sense.  The more you see the more you like the person. (Unless you see them too much and you feel as if they are a threat to your privacy and territory.)

But I belive the friendships I developed in the past year or so were so much more than just the result of just seeing people around school.  I firmly believe that they were god-ordained and not just merely a random coincidence that happened just by accidental interaction.

The most useful thing I’ve learned relating to economics this year wasn’t how to calculate a pdv (@ChrisJun) or how inflation affects short run output, but the value in investing in relationships with others.  And I guess “investing” is not the best word here because you don’t love someone to get something out of them but you just simply love because you love them.  I’ve said this and realized this many times before, but I’ll say it again because it’s something that I’m still realizing.  It’s way too easy to get caught up in your own busyness, and forget about all the people around us.  That we weren’t meant to live alone as task-driven robots but we were desgined to live in community and in relationship.

People always ask me if I love my school or not. I tell them yes, and I give them many reasons such as the beautiful campus, the gym, the value and the good food around town, but I think in the end it all just boils down to one thing.  It’s because of these relationships why I’ve grown to love this place called school.

I can’t believe this school year is over already.  Whoever was the first to say that time goes by faster as you get older sure knew what he was talking about.  From spades to snow to sports to super smash to service trips, this year was definitely a memorable one.

See you in the fall, school.  I love you.