Shabbat Shalom

I made one new year’s resolution back in January… to keep the Sabbath. I’ve actually tried a couple times before in high school, mostly as an excuse to not do my schoolwork.   I took Sabbath out of my head for a while, until last summer a good friend of mine told me that keeping the Sabbath during a busy school semester was one of the greatest and most worthwhile things he’s ever done.  And with that, I decided to try for myself this semester.

**Most of the things that I talk about below, I’ve picked up from various people along the way.

Sabbath is one of the most counter-cultural things one could do. Society tells us that we are defined by our works.  our productivity.  our achievements.  But in practicing Sabbath we remember that our worth comes from something far greater than our outputs.

Another way to define Sabbath is a day of rest.  A day to be restored, renewed, by basking in the rest that only He can provide.  A holiday.  A vacation.

Yes. A vacation. A vacation is often seen as something that we work towards. Something that we get as a result of our hard work.  A treasured prize that we earn.

But Sabbath works the other way around.  Sabbath is the rest before the work. In order for our work to truly have weight and significance, we must have Sabbath.  True work is birthed out of rest and a secure foundation… by foundation I mean our identity that comes from something other than our work… our identity as His sons and daughters… that we are loved before our work.  (Matthew 3: 17)

what did mandoo?

Sabbath is supposed to be something natural to humanity. If you look back in creation, it says that Man was created on the 6th day.  And what was the first thing that God made man do?  (make mandoo lol)   Before man named all the animals, before man was told to take care of the garden, he rested.

And I’m not trying to make Sabbath into another thing that I do, that’s totally missing the point. I don’t want to make it something that I want to check off of my list of things that I must do because I’m a Christian.  No way jose.   I firmly believe that Sabbath is something beyond a mere commandment, but something that’s a necessity in my life.  It’s not about one day out of your week, but a lifestyle of trust.   It’s a practice of dependence and trust, in a world of independence and self-sufficiency. To know that this world can exist for a day without me.  That I’m not the center of this universe.  (If that doesn’t take the weight off your shoulders I don’t know what will).

Keeping the Sabbath has been very hard but at the same time very rewarding this semester. I’ll admit it though, some Sundays I found myself doing nothing and finding cheap excuses to justify somehow that what I’m doing is beyond duty.  And many times I found myself playing by myself while everyone else was studying (except for ec and jc).   But maybe the reason why I’m still sane at this point of the year is because I’ve been trusting in myself less.  Feel me?

I’ll face my biggest challenge yet this Sunday, because of the Econ302 final exam that is worth 45% of my grade.

I actually thought of ditching the Sabbath plan for the first time this Sunday…. but I decided that I’m gonna stick with my resolution.

He’s carried me on his shoulders all semester long, what’s the point in trying to go my own way now?

Chin up everyone, summer is just around the corner

Happy exam week everyone!

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