Deer, Drama Queens, and Dwyane Wade

Two reasons why I LOVE this time of the year:

1. End of school.  Finals week is awesome because all you do is hangout, play and study.  True definition of “work hard, play hard.”

2. the NBA playoffs.  So many good matchups this year, anyone can beat anyone.  And who doesn’t like 3 games of intense playoff basketball every night of the week?

Thoughts on 3 really good games that will be on tonight:

imagine if this never happened

1. Hawks vs Bucks. Milkwaukee will see its most enthusiastic crowd in its history as they try to close out the Hawks in 6.  For the Hawks, if they lose it will be a huge dissappintment, considering that it will be the only major upset in the Eastern Conference in the past decade or so.  Thing about this series is that Bucks have nothing to lose.  FEAR THE DEER.

2. Lakers vs Thunder. Can Durant and Co. bounce back from a dismal game 6 and take the defending champions to game 7?  How many shots is Kobe going to take after taking just 9 in game 6?   And yes, why did it take 4 games for LA to figure out that Derek Fisher can’t guard Russell Westbrook, let alone anyone in the league?  Expect another wild Oklahoma City crowd tonight.

3. Nuggets at Jazz. Nuggets play tonight AT one of the most difficult places to play in in Utah, facing elimination against a depleted but resilient Jazz team.  Chauncey Billups finally showed signs of his former self in game 5 after being torched by D-Will (best PG in the league).  Melo said that he needs help, and it’s time for Chauncey to step up and re-gain his status as THE Mr Big Shot.  Oh yea, and can someone just exploit Kyle Korver whenever he’s playing defense?


Okay, so first of all,

1. In the third quarter LeBron tries to go up to block Derrick Rose.  You can clearly see that Derrick Rose barely grazes LeBron in the face, and as usual LeBron makes a big deal about it and falls backwards and lands on his elbow.  LeBron flopped and hurt himself.

2. LeBron plays the rest of the game perfectly fine.  LeBron gets fouled with about 10 seconds to go, with his team up by 3.  He makes the first free throw right handed.  Then for some ridiculous reason, he decides to shoot the next one left handed, all of sudden holding his right shoulder.

3.  In the post game interview, LeBron said that his elbow is not a big deal and sees himself playing perfectly fine in the next series against the Celtics.

WHAT?!?   wait a minute.  So either he’s trying to take over Paul Pierce as the worst drama queen in the league, or he’s just more concerned about the attention he brings than the team.   But either way, he shot a left handed free throw and MISSED in a 4 point playoff game with the game on the line. If you’re gonna shoot it lefty, at least make it, you know?  Says a lot about his focus imo.  Some games he will put on the face and just take over games all by himself, but some games I just don’t understand him (the dance).   He better bring it in the second round, because the Celtics are looking real good in my opinion.

and lastly…

thumbs up to the Spurs.  No, actually, Greg Popovich.   I had the Mavs coming out on top this year in the West, but man was I wrong.

2 thumbs up for Dwyane Wade.  Let’s face it.   His team SUCKS.  Defenses throw double, triple teams at him, but he still got 46 points in game 4 against the Celtics.  He basically said, “If I’m gonna go out, I’m gonna go out firing.”   And boy did he go out on fire.   Wouldn’t be suprised if he left.  But would also not be surprised if Miami brings in Joe Johnson and Chris Bosh.

Happy Playoffs everyone!