the beauty of sports

anyone watch the masters this weekend?

there were plenty of things to cheer about in this one, with my favorite player Tiger coming back, and 3 koreans (KJ MONAY, ANTHONY KIM and Y.E. YANG JEEZY) being in the mix for first place…

there were plenty of memorable moments that we’ll probably see on youtube for years to come,

including tiger’s filthy 9th hole hook:

or lefty’s gutsy shot through the trees that was ON POINT:

but none of them compared to this beautiful moment right here:

brief summary here: click

somewhere along the comeback of tiger and the steady play of westwood, we forgot about the battle that mickelson and his wife were facing this whole time.  he ended the round in tears, as he had a reason to celebrate after months of hardship.  supposedly Mickelson’s wife couldn’t walk the course so she stayed at some house nearby in augusta.  But she was there at Mickelson’s final hole, and you should have seen the long embrace that they had.  I know it sounds kinda cheesy but it was such a touching moment.  And it’s in times like these where I truly see the beauty of sports.  That sometimes it’s not all about winning or losing, offense/defense or how well you play… because it’s more than just a game.

the beauty of sports.

is that it’s not always all about the game.

love wins