40 Days of Water

So my youth group back at my home church does a project every school year.  In the past, they’ve helped raise funds and awareness for various organizations such as IJM.  This year the project is Blood:Water Mission, which is an organization set to bring clean water to those in Africa who don’t have the privileges as we do.

I’ve been really encouraged by the enthusiasm, creativity, and amount of participation that I’ve seen across the board.  Seeing all these students giving up their time to help those in need, I was able to glimpse a small amount of what it’s like when a community truly lives out the Gospel.  Seriously.  It’s this kind of outward, active love that inspires and brings life to everything around the community.  And imagine the potential we have in store if all of us decided to live outside of our own bubbles, goals, agendas and really decided to live out our love.  Crazy.

One of the main ways our youth has participated in BWM, is through the 40 Days of Water Campaign.  Students elect to  drink only tap water for 40 days, and donate the money that they would spend on other beverages.  Through various alumni of the youth group, the campaign has spread all over the country (including Vancouver, Baylor, Virginia Tech and UVA).  The passionate participation has even drawn the attention of school newspapers.  Students have also creatively held fund-raising events,  including an ice-skating event last week and a coffeehouse that is set for the next month.

Here are some more cool, innovative ways in which the youth participated in the project (photos courtesy of PJ):

some sort of sick artwork

personal favorite: uniquely designed water bottles that the students sold for fund-raising

Personally, the 40 days of water has been pretty smooth, other than the fact that my roommate tricked me into drinking tea… here’s where it happened

it also sucks because I’m so accustomed to drinking milk after every meal… So whenever I finish a meal I can feel my brain telling me to go chug a glass of milk.  It’s been hard in that sense, but it’s not so bad when you’re not the only one going through it so WORD

and finally, In lieu of this whole 40 Days of Water campaign,

here’s something to think about :

it’s a neat video on why bottled water sucks (from jchang)