9 years and counting…

still repping that korean passport

It’s already been 9 years?

still feels like yesterday when I first stepped into this then-foreign land

people these days talk to me about how so much has changed since high school

but for me, I’m trying to think back 9 years and it’s kinda crazy

lately all of these memories from Korea have been floating around in my brain

and i really miss it

I think of all the promises I made to my friends about how I’ll come back some day and I never did

I wonder if they ever think nostalgically like I am doing right now…

I think about what my life would be like if I were still in Korea.

would I have ever met Jesus? who knows?  what I do know is that I would probably in the military right now, like some of my friends are in Korea…

sometimes I sit and wonder what the heck my parents were thinking when they decided to come here.  the sacrifice they made, the decisions they made to take their chances in a foreign country so that I could have a chance at a better life?  that’s why I have so much respect for my parents

I’m still trying to remember what was going through my head when I was coming to America

If I had any idea where I would be now

then it really makes me wonder if I have any idea where I’ll be 9 years from now

one thing I’ve noticed was that life was a lot simpler 10 years ago

but now things have changed, people have gone in and out of your life already, there’s always people around you, and everything’s a lot more complicated

or maybe we just make it that way

i feel like we all try to grow up too fast

i think trying to grow up too fast makes life much more complicated than it should be

anyone out there feel me?

time flies