circa 2005

something about this snow…

i had a thought while i was walking in the snow these past couple of days

snow brings out the goodness in the mundane

it can make the most day-to-day boring thing such as a tree look beautiful

kinda feel like that’s what god does to us and the things in our lives. feel me?


i know, i know, a lot of you all have been complaining about all this snow we’re getting

but i’ve had so much fun in these past couple weeks being snowed in with some awesome people

the school semester has been awesome so far.

easy workload + all this snow kinda makes it feel like we’re on winter break

and we actually got a snow day which is like a once in a lifetime thing

i’m actually really thankful for all the good things that this snow has brought… (tackle football, epic snowball fight, journey to jpj, 4segment snowman, snow mafia)

i feel like we’ve hung out more in these first 3 weeks of the semester than we have all of last semester.  and i definitely feel like i’m growing closer and closer with my friends here and i love it…

slowly learning that our lives are more and more strangely and beautifully intertwined and that life isn’t meant to be lived out alone.  that life isn’t all about our pursuits and goals but that it’s about a life together.