spring semester starts before spring starts

spring semester started yesterday

feels like i just opened a new chapter in a book

so hear me out.

i’ve always thought that each semester/timeperiod in my life has its own unique feeling/story to it.
and i love the “story” metaphor to life
a new chapter means a new challenges, new struggles, new relationships
all the while making progress in the bigger picture of the story

i’ve always loved the idea of seasons; things rising and falling
in genesis1 where the writer talks about creation,
he repeats multiple times this phrase:

“there was evening, and there was morning”

and i like that because i know there is always a morning if there is an evening


i had a big problem last semester.
i had all these ideas and great expectations going into the semester
but half way through it i found myself crawling through, just getting by with the bare minimum
my problem was that i was too being dependent on myself.
i was trying to get by with all of my past blessings
and in doing so i blinded myself towards all the new things that God was trying to show me.
no wonder i was complaining about how i wasn’t learning anything new.

and don’t get me wrong, the things i’ve learned in the past are awesome and i’ll carry them for the rest of my life.  but to be so reliant on them, i learned that it can be very harmful.

and all of this was a result of riding on my self sufficiency…

to be honest, i’m kind of excited about this semester…

i know what i’ve done wrong, and i know exactly where to turn to.

well actually, my heart does, but my mind will continuously tell me otherwise

you see, a lot of times my heart says yes but my mind says no

but sometimes you gotta tune out your mind and go with the flow

2010 we go hard