dear gilbert

they took down this banner

why gilbert, why?

you were my favorite player

even when all my friends always talked bad about the wizards, i always defended the wizards because i had faith in you

i remember when you hit that game winning shot against the Bulls in the playoffs of ’05

i think thats when you became my favorite player

remember in 06-07 when you dropped 60 on the lakers IN LA?

remember when you beat out Vince Carter for the all star spot?

remember wen you averaged almost 30 points a game?

you gave us wizards fans something to brag about… they had kobe, they had dwade, they had shaq, but we had agent zero…

remember when you had your blog? that was like the only thing i used to read online

remember when you nailed those buzzer beaters against the bucks, jazz and the sonics?

that jazz one was the best where you just turned around and lifted your hands even before the ball went in

i used to imitate that shot all the time at the gym

see, i never had cable back in high school so i couldnt watch your games

but i remember on game nights i would listen to the games on the radio with my jersey on while doing my homework, those were the good times

see, i knew that when you were out there on the court we could beat any team in the league

remember when we used to be the first seed in the east in 2007?

people dont remember that, but i do

then you got hurt.

then people started talking more smack about the wizards

you signed that contract

people thought you didnt deserve it but i believed

then this new season started with high expectations

our record sucks but i still stuck with you guys

then this whole gun crap happened

why gilbert, why?   why did it have to be you?  why not deshawn stevenson?

why did you do this

when you had a million extra eyes watching your actions

why couldnt you be serious for once when everybody else was serious

i know you were just being yourself but didn’t you realize the severity of the situation?

sigh.  so it seems as if your time in washington is over

i’ll hold on to the memories tho. the joy and pain.

what hurts the most is

what could have been