the beauty of christmas

it’s been a rough past year for my family…

so much financial complications… almost lost our business, even had to sell our house…

not trying to downgrade the weight of our circumstances, because my parents have gone through so much trouble,  but sometimes i feel like we make things worse than they seem to be, because we fail to look up

instead of looking up we fix our eyes on all the trouble and chaos around us and get filled with negative thoughts… and ultimately lose hope

two winters ago i went through depression… it was no joke…

I remember even going to and looking up the symptoms for depression… and when they matched my symptoms i got even more depressed by the fact that i was depressed…

i researched and found out most people define “depression” as a loss of hope

yea, i wasn’t eating right, i slept irregularly but those were just the consequences of the fact that i had lost sight of the hope that i once had in life.

the depression started around thanksgiving time and went on for about a month.

and it sounds really cliche, but what got me out of depression was Christmas.

Christmas of 2007 meant more to me than any other Christmas i had experienced in my life.

it was when i truly realized the fullness of  how much God loved me… what got me the most was the fact that he loved me SO damn much that he would leave his home, come down to earth, just so he could be with me and show me that I don’t ever have to be lonely again

and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Christmas happens to be at this time of the year

I’m pretty sure that Jesus didn’t really come to this earth on a December 25th, but whoever decided to put Christmas on that day had it right.

Jesus meets us in our loneliness.

and knowing this we can turn the page and start a fresh new year with hope.

so i just came back not too long ago from eating our Christmas dinner with my family… we were all tired so we didn’t really talk much but as i was sitting there i couldn’t help but thank god… after all the mess we’ve gone through, i was so grateful that we still had each other…

the beauty of Christmas

is that there is hope, because we are never alone

what the

Merry Christmas!