the grand finale

promise i wont make it long so hear me out here

not sure if i’ve ever studied as hard as i did this past week… ever..

i don’t know why i did, because even getting 100s on my exams wouldn’t have changed the outcome of my final grades because they were so mediocre

and i don’t say this often cuz my grades suck, but i think i did pretty well on my exams (you won’t hear this for another while)

like i said, i don’t think it made that much of an impact on the transcript

but this whole process kinda taught me a lot of things, in my heart (pound my chest)

call me a nerd if you want, but this time i wanna call this finishing strong.  integrity.

i say this all the time but i’ve been so apathetic these days its kinda pathetic (ha RK)

and i’ve learned in these past years or so that being apathetic cripples you… in life… spiritually…

and how could i be so forgetful? after all the things that i’ve been taught these past years

but this past week was a little different

maybe it was the marathon, maybe it was all the crap i went through my 1st year, but i know that little by little he’s been molding me whether i realize it or not

because sometimes it’s not always the end result that produces a good story

but its the process.  the gut. the grind.

and because of that i’ve never been this excited for winter break before

i mean, it’s what we’ve been waiting for all semester long, right?