birthday toasts

couple hours late on this, but whatevs

i was so blessed while celebrating your birthdays… sounds weird but yea…

Happy birthday to two of my dear friends, John Kim and Eunice Chung…

jewnice + swords = dangerous

jewnice + swords = dangerous

here’s to john, a brother, friend, roommate, baller, president, who i’ve known for 7+ years and will deal with my gayness for the rest of this year (hopefully more)

here’s to eunice, for never giving up on friendship when i may be the worst friend in the world.

here’s to friends, because they shape us and define our lives more than we will ever realize.

here’s to life; the gift of life so undeserved

may not seem so at times, but i hope you two realize how much you mean to me

happy birthday again, and here’s to many more

cheers yo