blinds and lights

blinds down

blinds down. good for sleeping at night.

not sure if you guys do this too, but ever since i was little,
i always did this thing with blinds, to minimize the amount of light coming in to my room.
during the day, i would shift the blinds up rather than down, because in daytime, light comes from above.
but during the night, i would shift the blinds down, because at night lights come from under (i.e. streetlights).

does that make sense?
maybe its just me being ocd, or maybe you guys do this too and i never knew.
or maybe its just maybeline….

in lieu of my physics midterm tomorrow, i’ve decided to write about something physic-y

*i read this the other day about light entering your room from the outside:

**from David Crowder’s Praise Habit

the daylight illuminating the wall of your room actually forms a jumble of overlapping images from that which is outside the window…
so the light on your wall is basically an upside down projection of the scene outside your window (just very fuzzy)

it’s kind of like a pinhole camera.

so if you squeezed your window into a very small hole, the light in your wall will focus into an image. how cool is that?

people actually take amazing photographs like that… (go to google images and type “pinhole photography” and be blown away)

So after i read about this light from the outside coming into your room and creating an image in your wall, i couldn’t help but be a little amazed…

the thought of images and scenes entering into my space without my consent?

the thought of how rooms and houses are created to keep the outside, outside, and the inside, inside and how it doesn’t really work that way?

the outside coming in through the smallest of holes, to impose itself on us in our most protected areas?

sounds a lot like God’s love doesn’t it?

there’s absolutely nothing like discovering this relentless love…

we search in all the wrong places, just to come back to where we started to realize that what we were looking for was always there

gonna end with a quote just to confuse you guys

“what you’re looking for is what is looking”