something old…

*i was flipping through my notebook and i found this little blurb i wrote.


“the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge”

it’s not about being smarter than your peers,
or even just having everything figured out.
but it’s about the understanding of who God is,
and what your identity is in God.

that’s wisdom.

and i’m talking about wisdom beyond this world.

we often go through difficult times
and ask God for wisdom and discernment…

but maybe all God wants for us is to simply

to give up any of our understanding of things
even our so-called “wisdom” from our past experiences
and to simply get to know more of who He is…

the book of Job ends with God.
God simply shows up.  reveals himself to Job.
he doesn’t give explanations for everything that happened
but he just. shows. up.

and job understands.

it’s about time to go back…

have you been looking in all the wrong places?
you know where to go. what’s holding you back?


p.s. check out these albums:

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