-yes i’m going. heres the story that led up to it.

so the other day i’ve been thinking about how we as humans are so prone to getting too comfortable in our surroundings…  i’ve seen it in my life, and i tend to settle too much with these “okay” things and miss out on so much more…

a lot of my entries in the past kinda reflect on this yearning that i’ve always had for something greater, something more than what i see and feel, something beyond the ordinary life.

and this summer, dwarfed by the comfort of this place i call home called northern virginia, i’ve lost sight of what it means to come out of my comfort zone

i can recall specific moments in my life where i had to make conscious decisions to go out of my way to do something… trips… favors… approaching someone… saying no… saying yes…yels…

and i think that’s what god does when you ask him to take you out of your comfortzone

he gives you opportunities for you to make the decision yourself

it sounds daunting but what i’ve learned from my experiences is that he provides you with everything you need, whether you see it right now or not

so basically i came into this summer, with no plans, no job, hoping just to relax and just spend time wiht people and visit places… and i would sleep late, wake up late, be in the cycle of just straight bumming

dont get me wrong, i’ve enjoyed summer for the most part, i love the feeling of being able to sleep in until whenever… but theres really something about being stuck in comfort… it kinda rots you… your heart becomes hardened to the new things that god wants to show you

i remember being a little bitter this summer about how life is so boring right now, how god isn’t doing anything new in my life, but i think i’ve finally found why i’ve been feeling this way… i need to break out of  this box i’ve caged myself in…

and the thing about god is that he knows just the right time to provide something.

this past week somehow i was able to hop on as a leader onto the Urban Hands team that my church is sending…

and i think it’s just what i need.  i went to Urban Hands exactly 4 years ago, it was my first “missions trip” ever.  this was before mexico, before china, before college… just to kinda go back to the place where god first showed me what it meant to really love his people… i think it’s gonna be really good.  refreshing. i can already feel it

*Urban Hands is pretty much like a week long retreat in D.C. wiht all these other churches in the area, designed for students to do a bunch of service projects in the area…   pray for strength, wisdom, and for god to show us new things..

if you read down to here you are a rockstar… if you pray for me you are a double rockstar…

take it easy guys.  i’ll come back with stories.

we must cross the river

we must cross the river