consistently inconsistent

golf has become a pretty big part of my life this summer…  i’ve been going to the range here and there to get some pointers from my dad…  i’ve been watching the golf channel randomly and not get bored… also had the chance to see tiger in person at the AT&T National up at the Congressional… and the other day i went to Fairfax National with my pastor and a friend…(they got a sweet deal going on there… $29 for 18 holes + lunch…mmm…)  i won the front nine, pabe killed it in the back nine and he won overall… but most importantly the weather was on point so we had a great time…

while we were golfing my pastor said something thats been kinda ringing in my head these past couple of days.

“we are such fickle beings…”

pabe was talking about it in terms of how we can suck for a couple of holes, but how 1 good shot can turn a crappy mood upside down… same goes for how our moods can go from happy to sad in a matter of seconds…

and its not just in golf or sports either… how many times have you had an experience that left you saying under your breath— “that just ruined my day”

i feel like we’re such conditional beings in terms of our attitudes… so inconsistent

we’re so dependent on outside things to dictate our mood

does that make us slaves?

for me, whenever i catch myself in my fickleness i feel like so childish

wait not even a child, more like a baby

babies lack this thing that is called object permanence… i like to call it the peek-a-boo effect… when you cover your face as you’re peekabooing a baby, the baby actually thinks that you dissappeared. vanished.  and the baby cries…

it’s kinda like that i guess… like the baby, we’re so quick to forget.  i’m so quick to forget.

so sad how 1 bad thing can make us forget a 100 good things…

so sad how 1 wrong done to us can ruin a perfect day

i need that object permanence…

to know that somewhere out there the sun is always shining