a conversation

I stopped by at a gas station as I was going home today after finishing preparations for retreat…  i stepped out of my car, and as i proceeded to perform my gas-putting-in rituals, i noticed some random, relatively large white guy putting in gas at the pump next to me.    i was staring down blankly at my cell phone until he started walking towards me.  i felt so awkward for a moment there. my first reaction was a hostile one.  “what’s he doing?”  “this is supposed to be my time alone”  “dang that man’s got a huge beer belly”  “i wonder if he’s gonna ask me for a favor”

his words came at me in the midst of my stupor…  “ain’t that a bitch how mike passed away… his funerals gonna be even bigger than obama’s inauguration..”

so that’s how my conversation with a random stranger started today.  at first i couldn’t help but to keep looking at my gas meter and get frustrated with how slow the gas was pumping, but in the end it turned out to be a pretty good conversation.

we went from talking about michael jackson’s death, to his songs, to the economy, to cops, to his sharing of how he saw a dude hancuffed and surrounded by 4 cop cars today, to how he almost ended up in jail several years back for making a homemade bomb, to how a bomb accidentally exploded in his hand, and to how he now only has 2 fingers in his right hand to live with.

i dont know.  nothing special really happened but it was such an interesting encounter.  interesting enough for me to blog about it at least. heh.

maybe i was just happy because i was looking for things like this in life and something actually popped up.

as i was driving home afterwards i had this sudden realization. again, nothing special, but a reminder that rang in my head throughout my car ride.

sad news brings people together in ways other things cant.

think funerals.  i always have this weird feeling whenever i go to a funeral…  all these people are so different… they come from living differnet lives, each having a different relationship to the person who passed away, but they come together for a common reason

think about broken, sinful, imperfect people coming together for one purpose.  what do you call that? the church of course

i guess this is where i can bring up the retreat that i’ll be going to tomorrow.


poiema is the greek word for god’s workmanship.

poiema is perfection.  God creating us in his own image.  God specifically and deliberately crafting each and every one of us in his own hands, each of us made in our own unique ways.   like the random guy at the gas station.  he’s fearfully and wonderfully made.   like michael jackson.  fearfully and wonderfully made.

poiema is love.  we are God’s work and we are loved by him in ways we cannot dare to comprehend with our human minds.

poiema is hope.  we are broken, we have our imperfections, we have the things we hate about our lives, we have the daily MESS we have to deal with every day, the same sins that we fall into, we have our discouragements… but in all this we know that all of this somehow makes sense…

when we begin to understand poiema, we learn that God spoke life into us and that God is still revealing to us that his love goes further than our brokenness…  our present troubles and our junk and our mess and our desert times start to make sense.

anyways.  im kind of excited for retreat..  i haven’t been doing anything this summer until this past week where i’ve been prepping for retreat like crazy… i feel like things are finally starting to click and god’s about to shake my life a bit.  i can just feel it.   til next time guys.