this entry sucks


haven’t written here in a while, but i’m back

it’s not like i’ve been real busy with stuff this summer or anything, but for some reason i haven’t had the urge to write about anything…

just warning you this entrys gonna be one of those random ones and it might be pretty boring

kinda sad actually, sometimes it feels like my mind is dying

– sometimes i’m thinking too much and i hate myself for it

but i hate the opposite even more… living mindlessly is one of my biggest fears

– i’ve been so lazy. i need to step things up a little bit.

– i think all of this has some part to do with my bum ankle which has yet to heal fully…

every time i play basketball it hurts like crap…

i always end up going to shoot around, telling myself that i’ll only shoot freethrows, but i end up running around a little bit and that screws up my ankle because it’s so weak right now

so i decided to stop myself at all from basketball for a little.

i haven’t touched a basketball in a week, intentionally. can you believe that?

– i’ve been getting ready for the jg summer retreat which is this friday-sunday… leading praise with larry again.  good stuff…

i’ll just leave it there…

this post is worthless… just warming up tho… more to come later