I miss the beach…

why? you ask?

mainly because… at the beach, it felt right to be worthless….

sleeping at 7am after watching the sun rise, waking up at 2pm to walk to the beach to just relax… that was life.

now here back at home  i find myself waking up regularly at 3pm with no suns/stars to look forward to

i find myself cycling through the same websites online for hours… facebook-gmail-nba.com-youtube-wordpress

anyone feel me?

random thoughts:

– still need to recap this past year somehow

– dunno why, but i just love watching the nuggets play.  i’m still a kobe fan though.  but i’m a bigger fan of good games if you know what i mean.

– if you take chauncey billups out of the denver nuggets, the rest of the team are a bunch of knuckleheads… chauncey really came in and brought everyone together, and really made everyone else better to say the least… thats the kind of player i want to be… heck, that’s the kind of person I want to be in this world

– my goal in life is to inspire…

– check this out- http://new.mylifeisaverage.com

– if you want to take your brotherhood to a new level, take 2 of your awesome friends to the hot tub at around 2 am, turn all the lights off, sit underneath the stars, and just talk life.


– i’m thinking about buying a telescope… anyone know anything about them?

– moving out of oakton to fairfax this saturday. which i realize now is tomorrow.

i think that’s enough for a brief update.  more to come. as always.  take it easy