so close



never thought that would happen to me…

but after taking an exam earlier this morning I was walking home and got straight blasted by a car driving on the road…   it was weird cuz I was just standing there as the car was driving by, thinking to myself, “man that car is driving pretty fast, i wonder if i’m gonna get any water splashed at me..”   then i get drilled and i had to try oh so hard to refrain from raising both of my middle fingers at the car

seems like i have an affinity for puddles…

puddles and i go way back…

the first time i was in china there was a a huge rain storm… and the streets somewhat flooded…  and on the way back from the restaurant, i saw this puddle and i decided to jump right over it instead of walking around it like many other smart people did….

… and i slipped and the puddle almost ate me alive and i almost drowned

zhengzhou monster

zhengzhou monster

can’t have been that bad, except in china they put out all the trash on the streets so people can gather them later… not to mention that little kids lay doodoos and pee pees on the streets …

so basically i got swallowed up in chit water if you know what i mean

and everybody was there to witness my failure… screaming for my life…


so even after my epic battles with puddles, i still have 1 more thing left to do this year.

i have my last exam of this year in about…. 5 hours… belieeee dat

and here i am blogging away…

i’m sitting here in a library with john kim and chris jun…   i barely got any studying done…   i have this 100 page study guide, but it’s so worthless because it’s a freaking book and it’s like reading the textbook…

like i’ve said before, I’m at the point where I just want to get things over with, and just go to summer

kind of exhausted, drained

mostly mentally and spiritually

and most of all living for deadlines

i’m kind of excited for beach week… we’re going to outerbanks, in some sort of a private beach area… click here

more than hanging out or having fun, i’m more excited to just relax… gonna take it as some sort of a get away… spend some time reflecting on this past year… like i’ve said before, i need to get some things together ASAP…

anyways… almost there… peace