everything together

i went to the second wedding of my life today… while the first one was also quite beautiful, this one took on a bigger meaning and hit me harder because I was actually tight with the person getting married…

i think it’s just so beautiful to see god bring two people together to a place of marriage… their lives start off so separated but somehow, in some way their lives become intertwined and end up oh so wonderfully towards love

and not to forget the people as well.  people. more like family.  coming together in celebration of love… and god’s faithfulness…

it was kind of refreshing to see a lot of old friends again… kind of reminds me of last year when i would be so happy everytime people came back to nova for breaks and stuff…

i’m not like an expert on weddings and stuff but what I got out of today is that a wedding is as much as it is a reminder as it is a celebration..

of course we celebrate god’s faithfulness towards his people in the union of these two people

but we are also reminded that what holds this bond between these two people can only be god himself

and then you can take it out a step further and see all these people, all these different stories, brought together in one place, the trees outside, the air, the sun, nature… and be reminded that something. holds. all of this. together…

kind of a crazy thought isn’t it?

that someone is in control

crazy, yes.  but also reassuring, relaxing, peace bringing, oh yes yes

haven’t updated in a while.  which means i haven’t really been reflecting on life. which means i might be in the danger of living thoughtlessly.

and what better time to pick up blogging again than during finals week?

now that i think about it, I got lots of things to write about

more to come, bye