resurrection sunday

every easter i’m pretty amazed by the emotions that i feel…  it’s quite different from other sundays in the fact that we sing… with the knowledge that death does not win… that death doesn’t have the final answer…

i sang in joy… of victory…

today was kind of one of those “reassuring” moments as a friend of mine likes to call it.  it’s quite liberating actually.   i sang in the face of death, telling him you have no power, that you do not have the last say.

i sang in defiance.

defiance that all these things that these rough patches that i may be going through right now does NOT have victory over me.  all my sins and my shortcomings… all my guilt, all my regrets… they have no control over me…

reassured of hope

and of life

REAL life, if you know what I mean

i was at Beaver Creek Park after service and it was just beauuutiful…

the weather was perfect, clear skies, sun shining down, eating delicious sandwiches in the company of amazing people…

it was just so awesome because after being reassured of all those things, God kind of randomly puts me out there (I wasn’t really planning on going) in the presence of his glory and his majesty

and I just couldn’t help but to be thankful you know?

not really sure how to end this post… to be honest it was quite hard to write down all of these mixed emotions i was feeling… but here goes

credits to lucy

credits to lucy

til next time