guys i don’t like in the NBA

you all know by now that i am not a big fan of lebron james, but who else am i not a big fan of?

let’s start off with an easy one…

1. Andrew Bynum (Los Angeles Lakers)

okay.  this guy is kinda good. he is 7 feet tall, has the wingspan of a chimpanzee on crack, can catch alley-oops over almost everybody in the league, unlimited potential, and is only 21 years old!!

but just look at this retard elbowing Gerald Wallace in the ribs…  he elbows him and throws him to the ground and acts like he didn’t do anything… Gerald Wallace was sent to the hospital with a broken rib and a collapsed lung… props to andrew for reminding me…

but here’s the reason why I will forever hate this guy:

so here’s the deal.  you’re alright. but you don’t mess with shaq. period.  end of discussion. lets move on.

2. Kendrick Perkins (Boston Celtics)

I hate this guy.  Perkins is the starting center for the NBA champion boston celtics.  he pretty much rides the Celtics’ big three (kg, rayray, paul pierce) or should i say big four and include rondo in the group?  either way, this guy thinks hes so tight when he has worse stats than brendan haywood.   he plays on the same team as 3 guys who can draw double teams any given night, and he always has this look on his face that i can’t stand. once in a while, he’ll make a big play, then he will put on this face and act like hes mad tight or something:

the "hey everyone i think i'm tight" look

the "hey everyone i think i'm tight" look

moving right along.

3. DeShawn Stevenson (Washington Wizards)

i never really liked this guy.  i was sad when the wizards signed him.  this guy unnecessarily kicks his legs when he shoots and he dribbles like a girl.  he’s probably one of the most streaky guys alive, and he never shuts his mouth.  two seasons ago, however, i liked this guy.  he was shooting well, he was entertaining,  playing good defense, and the wizards were winning.   last season, everything changed.  just watch and listen to the commentators:

he makes a 3 pointer in the playoffs. cool. but don’t forget the context we’re in.  game 2 of the playoffs, IN cleveland, coming out of a 1 for 9 shooting in game 1, while the team is losing by 20.  moron.

when hes making his shots tho, its kinda fun.

but still, he’s an idiot.

there’s probably some other idiots that i missed out on, but these 3 were the ones that were off the top of my head.  anyways thats it.  peace!