thoughts on MLK day… first post on sports…

I love MLK day… martin luther king is honestly one of my favorite guys in american history.   back in high school when i was studying for the SATs and I was writing all these practice essays, I would always write about him.   I liked him a lot, but it was mostly because I could bring out so much about the civil rights movement and all the other people that were involved in it…   but seriously though.. where would we be right now if it weren’t for martin luther king…

mlk...i have a dream?? or is he doing the lark??

mlk...i have a dream?? or is he doing the lark??

i think of martin luther king day and i smile because i remember that we were all made the same. despite our differences, whether its in our ideas or in the way we look, we were all made the same.  we are loved in the same infinite manner by our god.  whatever we do with this love, we all fail, and we in our failures we realize that we our broken.  and in our brokenness we realize our need for something greater…  to be known by our creator and to be loved by our savior.

and by “we” i mean everyone in the world.  blacks and whites… men and women… christians and nonchristians… jesus freaks and lukewarm christians… jocks and nerds… rich and poor… god’s grace puts us all in the same boat..

and i look at our world today and i find that it’s still nothing like the way god intended it to be in the beginning.  but guys like martin luther king and what he did give me hope… that god is doing something, that we are making progress… that the battle has already been won, but we aren’t quite there yet… already, but not yet.


in the past couple of years though, martin luther king day has meant two things for me:
– no school
– nba on TV all day…

now that is what you call a  fun. relaxing. restful. day.

1030 on TNT… Cleveland versus Los Angeles... that’s a game i want to see… kobe finally has a very good supporting cast, and he’s playing really well, trusting his teammates more, becoming not only just a great player, but a great leader for his teammates….

lebron is pretty ridiculous too… right now he may be the best player in the game… at his size and speed and his intensity… i dont think anyone ever in the history of the nba can come close to the physical status he is in right now…

but i hate him… there are many reasons i hate this guy, but to name one would be the fact that the Wizards were bounced out of the playoffs 3 straight years to cleveland… i wouldn’t mind it that much if he beat us fair and square, but two of the three years we were nagged with injuries… 08 playoffs – no gilbert.  07 playoffs – no gilbert, no caron.

the only year that we had a legitimate shot at the east title was our 05-06 year.  this was the year when gilbert was virtually unstoppable, playing out of his mind… we had everyone healthy for most part of the season, and at one point in the season we were holding on to the number 1 seed in the east… not many people remember that, which makes me real mad… this was our year… then an injury to caron made us slip a little bit, and we ended up playing cleveland in the first round, where we ended up losing because of this ridiculous no-call.

here is lebron taking 5 steps, and shooting the game winning layup:

i will forever hate lebron for that… you don’t know how happy i was when they finally called the travel on him a couple of weeks ago when they played the wizards…. they called the travel, and guess what? we won!

my second major reason why i hate lebron is the fact that he said he would sell-out to Europe if they offer him like 50 million dollars.. this guy… he is what the media dubs the “golden child” of the nba, and he said he would leave america, leave the nba for money… i know the nba is about business and stuff, but come on man… there are like a million kids looking up to you and they think youre the tightest guy in the world… youre ridic

and he complains and stuff how people are focusing too much attention on the 2010 free agency, and how he might go to new york or europe or whatever, but he’s the one who brought it to himself…  stupid guy

well thats enough ranting about lebron…

if you read up to here you are a champion.  drop one if u’d like. bye!