back to school

got back to school a couple of hours ago…feels good being in my apartment again…

i probably spent about an hour unpacking and cleaning some stuff up… so much trash and bottles just lying around all throughout the apartment… i left a bunch of empty milk bottles under the kitchen counter… i thought it was cool so i even took a picture of it… but i came back today to find it all green and rotten… it was not a pretty sight to see…


yea. i drink a lot of milk… i think i drink milk after almost everything i eat… unless i am at a restaurant.  people think its gross but i think its awesome.. 🙂   plus i’ve never broken any bones…  *knock on wood

people have been asking me how my break has been… i think winter break went really well for me..
i got to see and hangout with some friends that i love
slept SO much that its ridiculous
worshiped with some of my favorite people in the world at jg retreat
went to onething at kansas city
emo new years in chitcago
went snowboarding (more like iceboarding)
appreciated my family much more

catching up with some of my friends was real good… i think thats what breaks are all about… reuniting with people you haven’t seen in a while…  i feel like the internet and instant communication society we live in made us less and less appreciate spending quality time with each other… to be honest, before seeing some of these guys, i almost thought i lost them as friends… its funny how one night of just hanging out can change that whole thing around, bring everything back to normal… its times like this when i come to appreciate my friends much more… friendships are for real…

i also had some time to think about this past semester… my first semester at uva…

living in an apartment brought on some new responsibilities… making my own food, paying bills, laundry, and such…   i also got to meet some awesome people that i hope to get to know much better… got myself a bike…  got ok grades…

there were times, though, when things felt a little weird or uncomfortable being in a new environment… but i’ve never questioned whether it was god’s will for me to be here because i knew for a fact he placed me here in uva for a reason… after all that i’ve been through in the last year and a half or so, i don’t think i can ever doubt that

and with that in mind,
and knowing it down in my heart,
i want to take on this spring semester

even as of right now, a lot of things are uncertain… still don’t know what i want to study, what i want to be… still gotta figure out my schedule this week… and my registrations blocked until i pay the spring tuition… not to mention that my mind’s still in winter break mode and i don’t want to do anything…

but as much as i don’t want to start classes,  i’m still excited to take on this new semester…
new year, new semester, new challenges… tight
all this while knowing gods in control

see you around folks